Pieces of coverage received at launch including the Times, Sunday Times and Reuters


Award shortlists


Award win


pieces of coverage secured in month 1, including The Economist, Financial Mail on Sunday and Forbes


Analyst briefings secured


New business leads


Significant share of voice impact on closest competitors

Logical Glue

Explainable AI for Finance

Logical Glue is at the global forefront of Explainable AI – a concept it dubs “XAI”. Its innovative predictive modelling platform is able to explain the precise reasoning that led to a machine-derived decision. This nparalleled transparency is especially valuable in finance and insurance. It opens up “black box” (opaque) algorithms to give customers and regulators insight into the process that led to a credit decision or insurance quote.


Logical Glue was unknown in the wider marketplace and needed to establish credibility and start communicating its solutions to potential customers to drive sales leads. It wanted to establish relationships with journalists and influencers in financial services and insurance.

The Opportunity

Resonance put together a complete communications strategy including a full press launch and integrated research campaign. The research campaign consisted of a whitepaper as its central asset with activity across owned, earned and paid media. It focused on the shifting dynamics in the lending and insurance industry from the consumer’s eyes, providing the market orientation needed to create compelling content.

The Results

Resonance leveraged Logical Glue’s innovative concept of Explainable AI to secure journalists’ interest and it gained significant traction in the media from day one. It secured 12 interviews in the first month including The Economist, Mail On Sunday and Forbes.

Resonance additionally initiated an analyst programme to bring Logical Glue to the attention of influential analysts, and secured 4 briefings in the first quarter. The awards programme led to three shortlists and one award win, and the research whitepaper led to 172 business leads.

After the first three months, Logical Glue was well positioned for future growth and had established a strong presence in the market.