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Blue Yonder is the leading supplier of AI solutions for retail. Developed by a team of PhD-level data scientists, with technology originally developed at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland, its innovative solutions automate complex decisions to increase profits and ensure optimal stock availability for retailers and supermarkets.


The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is now a critical sales period for retailers everywhere and marks the beginning of the busy Christmas shopping period. Increasingly, retailers need to employ sophisticated data systems to predict consumer behaviour and ensure that they have the right discounts, stock and staff in place at the right time. Failure to predict correctly can negatively impact brand reputation and have a year-long effect on sales and profitability.


Resonance identified that the period provided a key opportunity for Blue Yonder to promote its solutions for better decision making. Blue Yonder’s solutions use machine learning to take account of external factors such as upcoming shopping events in order to accurately predict demand.

Resonance undertook market research into the issues faced by retailers in relation to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. This laid the groundwork for a consumer survey, which considered attitudes towards these two shopping days and provided quantitative proof that these days had negative impacts on brand perception and loyalty, as well as future profitability.


Resonance’s work ensures a high and often tangible ROI. We have already secured a new client off the back of one campaign, which is the very first time I have experienced a PR Agency lending a hand to direct sales. I have worked with some top ten agencies in the past; Resonance blew them out of the water in every way possible”

Dunja Riehemann
Marketing + PR, Blue Yonder