Transitioning To The Data Economy


Data underpins our world today. It drives innovation and underpins economic growth. Just as every business is a technology business, every business is now a data business. The challenge is how do you bring order to the data.

You want to grow. You want to get your brand message out there. You want to build credibility.

How do you get cut-through amidst information overload?

Resonance combines data science with storytelling and measurement that ensures an ROI on your PR, AR and content marketing spend.

In short, we are the communications consultancy for the data economy.


Resonance as your Hub Agency

Whether you need a media relations, AR or inbound content strategy, Resonance can support your global needs in Europe, the United States, and beyond.



Resonance prides itself on being a data-driven agency for its clients and is totally transparent in its reporting. With that in mind, reporting is tailored for each individual client, to align with:

  • Business priorities
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • ABM strategies
  • Product roadmap development

Our team of trusted analyst relations advisors have both agency and in-house experience, are here to enable your organisation to understand the wider market landscape and focus on the right business strategy and product development, and beat the competition.


Resonance Analytic Dashboard, RAD

Data-driven storytelling: Delivers leads, triples web traffic


Resonance is an expert in using data to tell a story. We worked with a database client to analyse a huge public dataset, we found new insights and created stories that gained national coverage and resulted in direct inbound leads.


We analyse your data for you. By blending data science with creativity, we generate headline news and insights of value to your clients and prospects.

Find out more about our award winning work here

Who we work with

We work with innovative companies across the full breadth of B2B Tech and Fintech. From deeptech AI companies, enterprise tech, and cyber security through to wearables and display technology.

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