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Make a real difference with your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t the same tick box exercise of the past. The days of social good being relegated to a department, or even a programme, have long gone.

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Analyst Relations: It’s all about the top right

In my last blog I took a look at demystifying analyst relations (AR). It is no longer the dark art it used to be portrayed as and like many other marketing activities, it requires nurturing and a […]

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10 tips for writing powerful SEO headlines in 2020

If your headline doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, the article it links to may as well not exist. Lose your audience with your headline and you’ve lost them altogether.

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Bringing the community together during this time

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Analyst Relations: What's in it for you?

I have worked in tech B2B marketing my entire career, and have specialised in Analyst Relations (AR) over the last fifteen years, developing relationships with tech industry analysts across the […]

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Insights from industry leaders on data analytics in PR

While the world may feel like it’s still on pause, our team has taken the opportunity to learn new PR techniques and engage in industry discussions with our peers. Educational webinars are one of […]

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Brand behaviour in a time of lockdown

It’s safe to say that coronavirus has completely warped what a “normal” day looks like for most people. For the last 8 weeks, people have been stuck indoors with minimal excursions, except for key […]

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Remote working: a beginner’s guide

For everyone around the world, 2020 is turning into a bit of a rollercoaster ride. For me, the year began full of excitement as I started my new job and career in PR at Resonance. Building on my […]

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5 ways to succeed at data storytelling

We have become a nation obsessed with data. We wait for daily stats and facts about coronavirus, looking for signs that the data is improving so the current lockdown will end. Data will be our […]

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How to get content marketing right during the coronavirus outbreak

Now that so many people are staying at home, there may never have been such a large and hungry audience for digital media.

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