Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are helping industries, such as Financial Services and Retail, to evolve. From higher accuracy in fraud detection and credit scoring for insurance organisations, through to creating efficiencies in the supply chain, chatbots and robo-advisors, Resonance has worked with AI and ML platforms since 2013, helping businesses attract investment and growth.


Automated information exchange between devices, manufacturers and customers is transforming the way we live, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies for organisations. Resonance has been working in IoT since 2014, so whether it’s smart cities, smart homes or smart warehouses, Resonance can support your growth strategy.


Resonance has always specialised in cloud services, from the early days of public cloud and traditional hosted solutions. We have experience working with the modern hybrid cloud options, and all the services that sit on top of, or in front of, cloud infrastructure. We not only help our clients position themselves in this fiercely competitive market, but we help them attract new customers and investment.


Here at Resonance, we understand how complex selling SaaS can be. We also take the understanding of your sales cycles seriously and know how to build a marketing and PR programme to support growth. We have supported many SaaS organisations in their market growth.


Big data was the massive tech buzzword of the early 2010s and we’ve been working in it ever since. We have extensive experience working with Data Analytic organisations, from warehousing, to databases through to visualisation platforms. Our clients have gone from strength to strength, with us supporting their growth every step of the way.


Ransomware, data breaches, phishing emails, social engineering, web hacks, and DDoS attacks; Cybersecurity is big business and we work with some of the industries game-changers, helping them punch above the noise, while also helping them with their growth strategies.


Digital Banking ultimately insures that Banks are providing their customers with the best digital solutions possible. From elegant web applications, through to full omni-channel experiences, seamless security and self-service applications, the applications of Digital Banking are numerous. Resonance has supported Digital Banking organisations in their market growth as well as their brand growth.


We have worked with some of the most exciting blockchain projects, seeing first-hand the power of this technology. We have helped companies attract funding and delivered marketing programmes that produce the results the business needs.