Public Relations

Use PR to generate brand awareness, build your reputation in the marketplace, and drive growth. As your European Hub Agency, we will generate press coverage across Europe.

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Inbound marketing

Drive traffic, leads and opportunities using the inbound methodology. We'll create hub content that brings prospects to your website, we'll nurture inquiries, and generate qualified leads.

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Content marketing

Demonstrate thought leadership and sector expertise through your content. Create hero assets of downloadable content, and use your content to build a social media presence.

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We run global analyst programmes for our clients. The analyst programme helps at every stage of the sales pipeline, from brand awareness to your customer programme.


Our event experience encompasses organising and running events for our clients, securing speaker slots for existing events or arranging journalist or analyst interviews at a conference.


We manage social media for clients. Our approach to social media is to integrate it into all communication programmes, and to position you as global influencers.


Our PR programme is designed to build your brand reputation but beyond this, our programmes include crisis comms to protect your brand in case of the expected.


Let Resonance act as your European hub for PR. Through our European network of trusted agencies and consultants, we will cover all of Europe and ensure you talk to one agency, not five.