Putting relations in Analyst Relations


Putting the relations in Analyst Relations

Tom Clayton

27 January, 2023

Working in analyst relations is about being proactive rather than reactive. We have to play the long game, building strong relationships with analysts and analyst firms over time to deliver maximum value to our clients. 

Much like PR or inbound marketing, analyst relations is client-focused. When we work with our clients, we want to truly understand their business objectives so that we can align them with the goals of the programme we design. More than anything else, we measure the success of our AR programmes by the tangible value it brings to our clients.  

Of course, that means that clients are at the heart of what we do, but as an AR professional, you must also keep analysts front of mind.  

A large part of the work industry analysts do is producing reports. While ranking reports such as Gartner’s Magic Quadrant or Everest’s PEAK Matrix are certainly important, other forms of content produced by analysts can be just as useful.    

Just as PR professionals read articles to understand the best way to pitch to journalists, analyst relations professionals should track market reports, blogs, and other forms of content produced by analysts to fully understand their areas of expertise. After all, a blog recently produced on supply-chain finance might be just the topic your client wants to cover in the next call. Keeping up tabs with the latest analyst research allows you to be proactive with your client’s needs, finding the insights that bring the most value to your client ahead of time.   

Moreover, staying up to date with the latest insights also helps build relationships with the analysts. Speaking to their research can be a conversation starter, affording an opportunity to discuss the latest market trends and find common ground. Conversations with analysts should not be seen as a formality, but rather, an opportunity to build a network of connections. 

Without this network, we cannot conduct our work effectively. At Resonance, we believe in the value of building strong relationships with our target analysts, and we know how established networks can benefit our daily work, and in turn, help us to meet the goals of our clients. Our success has been built on the foundation of this ecosystem, which includes industry analysts, analyst firms, and of course, our valued clients.  

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