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Wavelength – 2022: A Year in Tech

Daniel Harrington

5 January, 2023

4th January, 2023 – 2022 was a monumental year in B2B tech, and Wavelength took you through all its highs and lows. With the industry in the process of reinvention, Daniel Harrington is joined by Jamie Nightingale and Alex Izza to go over Resonance's headline predictions from the last eight months, what we got right, and where it's all going next.

The big topics:

  1. The Online Safety Bill

  2. Big Tech stock drops and layoffs

  3. Generative AI takes the front seat

  4. Elon Musk buys Twitter

  5. Crypto fraud: Sam Bankman–Fried and Ruja Ignatova, the ‘Crypto Queen’

  6. The ‘Chip Wars’ between the U.S. and China


What we got right:

If you want to know which headlines we predicted correctly in the last year, follow the links here to the relevant episodes:

Elon Musk being forced to buy Twitter — 21st of June, 2022.

The Online Safety Bill going through even more amendments – 25th of April, 2022.

Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan trip accelerating semiconductor competition between China and the US, leading to the 'Chip Wars'

US export restrictions forcing UK-based semiconductor manufacturers (like ARM) to change their business models – 3rd of August,  2022.

Generative AI businesses being put under threat by copyright issues, especially if a landmark legal precedent is reached (as the lawsuit against GitHub's copilot may do) – 27th of September, 2022.

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