Interview – Chas Kielt, Global Corporate Communications Executive, on intellectual curiosity, news cycles, and investing in your brand

Daniel Harrington

29 March, 2023


9th March, 2023 – Wavelength's latest guest is Chas Kielt, a Global Corporate Communications Executive and former senior marketing professional at companies like Experian, Citrix, Reltio, and Pyramid Analytics.

Chas spoke to me about the importance of intellectual curiosity, the role played by brand equity, and how to make your company's story relatable to potential buyers. Click the link here to listen to the full episode!

Topics we discussed included:

  • Why intellectual curiosity is so vital for PR practitioners to tell a brand's story and make it relevant and engaging to its target audience.
  • The differences and similarities between corporate communications, PR, analyst relations, and marketing – as well as the product marketing roles Chas has held at several companies.
  • The metrics that marketers and PR professionals should be using to prove how they're adding value to a company.
  • Why investing in your brand and building brand equity is crucial – even amidst a general downturn in global markets.
  • Which lessons he's taken from the hype around generative AI and how it illustrates the workings of the B2B tech media cycle.
  • How the data and analytics sector has evolved over the last couple of decades, moving from descriptive to predictive, and even prescriptive, as enterprise adoption accelerates.

Please enjoy and stay tuned for the next edition of Wavelength! If you'd like to listen to our last guest, an expert in B2B tech sales acceleration, check out my interview with Aurelien Mottier, CEO of Operatix, here!


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