Are you getting what you need from Analyst Relations?

Claire Williamson

28 October, 2021

Analyst Relations Health check: Book a free consultation with AR professionals to identify the gaps and opportunities within your AR programme and how to unlock greater value

AR programmes can provide huge value to your business. There are four main sources of value:

  1. Leveraging Analysts to Drive Market Perceptions (reputation, credibility)
  2. Leveraging Analysts to Increase Short-List Opportunities (demand generation)
  3. Leveraging Analysts as a Micro-Population of the Market – Provide an outside-in view for strategy and decision making
  4. Direct Support of Sales 

If you have been working with analysts for the last few years, have you tested the pulse of your programme recently? Have you completed a stop-start review? Are you questioning the value you are receiving from your analyst licence or from the briefings and inquiries you are conducting? 

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, we should talk.

Resonance works with tech organisations at every stage of their life, from Series A through to blue-chip, household names. We advise on and develop AR strategies aligned to our client's goals – from shaping GTM content, identifying the best partners, and roadmap planning. We are executing every day, building meaningful, impactful relationships with the right analysts. 

We’ve taken our years of knowledge and experience, from in-house roles to consultancy and working within the analyst firms themselves and developed a free health check.  

What we’ll cover:

Book a 45-minute free consultation today and we will cover the following with you:

  • Ensuring AR objectives are in alignment with business and marketing objectives
  • Creating SMART goals for your AR programme
  • Discussion of AR and its value with your internal stakeholders
  • Understanding how AR is feeding insights into your business
  • Understanding how you are using the analyst relations toolkit to full effect 
  • Analyst identification and a review of current analyst licences to assess their fitness for your organisational goals
  • Determine whether the AR current programme is demonstrating real value through measurement that can be shared with the senior executives 
  • Benchmark your AR programme against your competitors.

We will work with you to identify the gaps and opportunities throughout the six stages of the AR process.

  1. Business goals 
  2. AR objectives 
  3. Analyst longlist and weighting 
  4. Analyst tiering 
  5. Budget allocation / activity 
  6. Monitor and measure. Goals change over time; analysts change over time. 

Following the consultation, you will receive a report providing advice and guidance on how to drive greater value from analyst relations. 

Are you ready for your check-up?

Book a free AR health check

Or if you would like to speak to someone about our Analyst Relations services, then simply email us at or call us on +44 (0) 20 8819 3170.

We’re here to help.