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How to gain valuable insights from complex analyst research

Tom Clayton

13 April, 2023

Analyst research reports are often complex. As Analyst Relations professionals, we must increase the value of analyst research for our clients, drawing key insights from complex research papers to deliver clear, concise, and cogent advice.  


Analyst Relations (AR) programs are divided into earn and learn. Clients earn tangible benefits, including increased sales and funding from ranking reports and being recommended by industry analysts. The other side, which can be neglected, is what clients can learn from analyst research and inquiries. Industry analysts are experts, and their expertise should be treated as a hugely valuable resource. They have a bird's eye view of the industry, regularly communicating with vendors’ competitors, prospects, and existing clients.  


With inquiries, the approach is simple. Analyst inquiries provide clients with the opportunity to hear the analyst’s perspective directly from the source. As part of our work as AR managers, we provide clients with insights from inquiries that align most closely with their business goals. In this way, they are used as a strategic tool, where the analyst’s insights can directly feed into strategic decisions made by our clients. 


When it comes to analyst research, it can be trickier to pull valuable insights from the outset. Reports are written based on current trends or other areas of the market in which analysts are interested. Unless clients are directly collaborating with analysts on a bespoke research project, the content of the reports is unlikely to perfectly correspond to their current projects or campaigns. Therefore, it’s a case of reviewing the reports and uncovering the key insights related to the client. 


Once you’ve found that valuable, relevant insight, you can kickstart a conversation with an Analyst. This will deliver further value through relationship building and uncovering more information and insights. However, finding that research report insight isn’t always easy.  


Here are three top tips for finding the diamond in the rough: 


  1. Know the Analyst

Before we continue, check out our blog on choosing the right analyst from our Top Tips series.  


Analysts are interested in and therefore like to write about certain topics. Once you understand who is likely to write about a specific topic that is relevant to your client, you have a much better chance of finding valuable insights 


  1. Learn the vocabulary

Complex industry jargon can leave even veteran AR professionals scratching their heads. Take the time to learn the industry vernacular, and you’ll be able to fit the terms into their proper context.  


  1. Condense, condense, condense

One of the core skills in any AR professional’s toolbox is the ability to condense extensive reports into two or three takeaways. Our clients are busy, and they don’t have time to spend hours reading through reports. It’s our job to condense the information and make their lives easier by bringing them insights in a clear and concise package. 


Analyst Relations programs aren’t just about inquiries and briefings. It’s up to us as consultants to ensure that the maximum value is drawn from every subscription, and a significant part of this value comes from analyst research. Follow the steps above and your clients will be eternally grateful. 


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