How to use Analyst Relations as part of your ABM strategy

Claire Williamson

13 October, 2020

ABM is a B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market. It employs personalised campaigns designed to speak to the drivers and motivators of each specific account.  

Buying decisions take time to research and lots of consideration. The decision makers are experts in their field, and they need helpful, relevant information at key points along the buying journey. All the marketing silos need to work in harmony – from inbound marketing to analyst relations – with sales to create the desired impact. 

ABM relies on data analysis to identify the target accounts; it uses research to understand the correct contacts inside the account and then leans on targeted, personalised, well-timed communications to drive interest and engagement from those contacts.  

So how can your Analyst Relations programme support your ABM programme? 

  • Use report mentions and ranking research for credibility 
  • Get analysts talking to your existing clients 
  • Gain analyst insights  
  • Use marketing automation 

Final thought – everyone must swim together 

Sales, marketing (field, inbound, AR, PRetc.) and customer success are all as important as each other in an ABM strategyIt’s important they work unanimously to determine the key accounts. Marketing’s brand messaging, tailored to the channel, is then developed with input from sales and customer success. Each team must deploy those messages in concert to ensure that there is consistency across the buyer journey 

 If you’d like our full paper on how to make analyst relations work as part of your ABM strategy, please download it here.