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Wavelength - Royal Mail fails to deliver and Microsoft eyes OpenAI

Daniel Harrington

17 January, 2023

17 January, 2022 – Cybersecurity stories are back in the news! This week, your hosts Daniel Harrington and Chris Noade discuss the biggest B2B tech news over the last two weeks and predict which headlines you should look out for next — all in the latest episode of Wavelength.

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  1. Hackers target the Royal Mail.
  2. Is Twitter the culprit as 200 million user profiles appear on the dark web?
  3. Microsoft plans to invest $10bn in OpenAI and integrate ChatGPT into MS Office.


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Royal Mail cyber attack carried out by Russian-linked ransomware gang | UK News | Sky News
Russia-linked hackers behind Royal Mail cyber attack
Newspaper headlines: Royal Mail 'cyberattack' and mortgage default warning - BBC News
Cyber attack against Royal Mail linked to Russia
Royal Mail unable to dispatch overseas packages after ‘cyber incident’ - Financial Times
Royal Mail and Twitter Inc attacks highlight growing cyber security concerns
Twitter sued over data leak that it denied was caused by a flaw | Business
Hacked! My Twitter user data is out on the dark web -- now what? | ZDNET
Massive Twitter data leak investigated by EU privacy watchdog
Twitter Data Leak: What the Exposure of 200 Million User Emails Means for You | WIRED
Twitter apps are still broken and Musk is still silent - The Verge
AI art tools Stable Diffusion and Midjourney targeted with copyright lawsuit - The Verge
Update about an alleged incident regarding Twitter user data being sold online
Microsoft Reportedly Closing In On $10 Billion Investment Into ChatGPT Creator OpenAI
Microsoft’s $10bn bet on ChatGPT developer marks new era of AI
Microsoft Bets Big on the Creator of ChatGPT in Race to Dominate A.I. - The New York Times
Microsoft and OpenAI Working on ChatGPT-Powered Bing in Challenge to Google — The Information



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