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Why is AR important for business growth?

Claire Williamson

9 March, 2020

Analysts are industry experts; it's their job to know the markets they cover inside-out. This makes them incredibly influential.

Gartner, one of the best-known analyst houses globally has more than 2000 analysts in 100 countries. They have over 60,000 global clients that turn to them for help in IT buying decisions - which is a direct line into your target audience. In addition, they publish thousands of reports a year that are read by your target buyer.

Getting in front of your target buyer is not the only value a well-run analyst relations programme can bring. Most of our clients are looking for efficient ways to deliver to the business and help inform the business strategy. Analyst relations can play a big role here.

As mentioned above, analysts are specialists in their field. They have a tight remit, which means they really drill into the market and understand it through your customers eyes, as well as having insight into what your competitors are doing.

This means they are well-placed to be a sounding board for new ideas: What is coming up in the market? What are clients looking for? What are they seeing others doing? How can you shape your proposition to win?

A well-planned analyst programme can deliver growth and success through:

Increased sales:

The buyer journey has become increasingly complex. Analysts often form the starting point for exploring new tech projects. From Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, through to advice meetings, analysts speak to your prospects and having you front of mind is critical in promoting leads and sales.

An informed market understanding:

Analysts have a unique breadth and depth of market knowledge. They brief buyers, they interview vendors, they understand what has come before and therefore are in a great position to predict the direction of future markets and innovation. A briefing with an analyst is two-way. You provide a briefing on your proposition and they will provide insights on how it plays out in the wider market. This insight is invaluable and sometimes gives a different perspective that can impact the success of a strategy.

Wider brand awareness and credibility

Analysts don’t only speak to prospects. They have influence with the media, at industry events and with investors and other influencers. Being front of mind and relevant to analysts can lead to any number of opportunities and, as independent market experts, their insights are listened to.

Is AR something I should have?

It’s a very important consideration for any B2B technology company. Analysts pride themselves on speaking to as many vendors as possible, so the chances are, they are already speaking to your competitors and looking to speak to you. 

If you’d like to understand what an analyst relations programme can do for you and how to get started, get in touch today!