Account based influencer relations and PR

Account based marketing has been around for many years, aligning sales and marketing efforts in B2B enterprise organisations. The approach treats specific prospect or customer accounts as its very own market. And given the complexity and number of stakeholders within target accounts in B2B, it makes sense to treat an organisation as a mini-market.

Merging inbound marketing with ABM tactics for success

ABM builds relationships with target accounts. Inbound marketing uses killer content across platforms, from owned, earned and paid, to generate interest and engagement. The key to success is to ensure individuals do not feel they are being sold to. Your content strategy needs to provide value and be focussed on your prospects’ drivers. And the content you are pushing their way needs to be personalised – people like to feel understood. 

Merging AMB tactics with influencer relations

ABM isn’t necessarily about drilling into the individual personas of the people you are selling to, but because we expect to be understood, combining influencer relations tactics will support your ABM campaign success. Having detailed information on your targets within the account and ensuring you are wrapping yourself around them with relevant content, on the right channels can really help them feel your relevancy. Careful content planning can also help you get around the feeling that your prospects might have that they are being sold to in an obvious way. By surrounding them with relevant and valuable content, you position yourself as experts and useful. Quality, engaging content is critical. It needs to focus on the drivers. This is where the trifecta of ABM, Inbound Marketing and Influencer Relations come together.

Make sure the content is relevant and show your expertise

As well as relevancy in your content – a focus on your target audience drivers – you need to show your expertise. ABM is about going after a specific contract with a company. You should ensure your thought-leadership (OpEds, blogs) are tailored to their drivers. More than this, think about the case studies you have and ensure they are written in a way that will truly resonate with your target account, even if that means multiple re-writes drilling into specific points in the same case study.

Making sure you’re hitting the right channels

The targets, their drivers and the content are critical components in the ABM strategy, but so too is ensuring you are reaching your target audience – and reaching them in a way that they don’t feel too sold to. Surrounding your targets in the places they hang out is critical. Whether that’s the trade press, the nationals, regional media, social media – LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook , Events or analyst papers.

Once you have chosen the right channels, it’s important to ensure that the messaging isn’t repetitive or conflicting across platforms. This is vitally important – you don’t want to weaken your message or confuse your audience. A joined-up approach is critical.


Showing the ROI is critical. Measure in relationship changes and measure in growth.

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