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Last Week in Tech - March 17, 2022

Jamie Nightingale

17 March, 2022

To begin with, I would like to start with an apology. It’s been a month since my last weekly tech blog, and making you wait so long is undoubtedly not up to scratch. You lot must have been having many sleepless nights without me.

Fear not though my dear followers, I have returned. Tech news will be aplenty this week. Big strong heaping’s of tech news to warm your belly. Eat up this tech news

UK space funding

The UK space agency (UKSA) - which, despite sounding like a silly fictional organisation from a sitcom, is definitely real - is set to receive a nice bit of pocket money amounting to £2 million. Never knew space travel is the equivalent of three mid-market London properties.

The funding is likely to go towards a Rolls Royce powered engine that will allow for breathable oxygen and water to be developed in space. Sounds very Star Trek, Musk is quaking in his boots.

Spotify sponsors Camp Nou

In a move that will have the purest football fans around the world absolutely reeling, Barcelona has agreed to a deal with Spotify rumoured to be worth €280 million. Never knew helping to save a cornerstone of European football from financial ruin is the equivalent of three mid-market London properties.

With the kick-off of the 2022-23 season, Barcelona’s stadium will be rebranded for the first time in its history to the Spotify Camp Nou. I think I’m going to be sick.

Nvidia cuts off Arm 

UK chip manufacturer Arm is preparing to let go of nearly 1000 employees after Nvidia pulled out of its $40 billion purchase of the company. Never new a Cambridge based semiconductor and software design company is the equivalent of three mid-market London properties.

This is disastrous news for one of the key players in the UK tech scene. I hope Arm and all the individuals impacted by this bounce back as quickly as their talent merits.