Money20/20: How to Maximise Your Investment with PR

Claire Williamson

26 February, 2020

So you’ve committed to going to Money20/20. It’s a big commitment in time and money. Taking part in any major conference is a serious investment, especially if you are exhibiting or using it as a platform to launch a new product or service. Whatever your reason for attending – lead generation, reputation, relationship building, or something else entirely – you need to maximise your attendance with careful planning and focused execution.

Money20/20 not only draws a big audience, it attracts key fintech decision-makers and industry influencers. But are you Money20/20 brand-ready? Have you got everything in place to make the impact you need to deliver an ROI on that spend? 

Money20/20 is an intense few days of networking, interactive sessions, industry parties, and demonstrations of the latest innovations in payments, AI, data, analytics, and open banking. There’s a whole lot of noise and news from many brands, including your competitors, and attendees often find it difficult to cut through.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you win at Money20/20:

It's not the taking part that counts

Just showing up and hoping for the best is the fastest route to failure. Any big conference like this is an opportunity. What you do months in advance, and months after can be the difference between show-stopping success or failure. 

Know what your business wants to achieve from participating

Activity without reason is not going to deliver the results you need to make your sponsors and execs happy. You need to understand what success looks like and work your strategy around this. An important part of this is also ensuring that the goals you set are achievable and measurable.


There is a lot of noise at Money20/20. Really think hard about what you need to achieve and what you want conference-goers to remember you for. This year Money20/20 is focusing on addressing the things that keep the industry up at night. It always makes sense to ensure you are starting with the issues your company addresses and work back from there. By placing your customer/clients’ needs at the heart of your marketing and PR activity, you’ll more easily cut through the noise.

Resonance has created a tick-list of pre, during and post-Money20/20 activity to help you succeed. Here’s your guide to making the most of Money20/20 and coming away from the event with more brand relationships, more leads, and more sales.

How to create a winning Money20/20 Plan

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