My first week in tech PR

Our new starter, Jessica, recounts her first week with us and in tech PR!


I’d been set on a career in public relations since my second year at university, when I interned at a PR firm and realised that the industry married my love of writing and passion for communication. Since starting here at Resonance, I’ve learnt that there’s so much more to PR than excellent writing skills and a strong relationship with the media (though these are a great starting point!), and I’ve already experienced so much!

Like any grad, I’d sent out my fair share of job applications – and one application and two interviews later I found myself here! One of the great things about the interview process is that I’d met almost every member of the team prior to starting. I remember being surprised by my lack of nerves in the run-up to starting, and I think feeling a familiarity with the team was key to this.

Resonance is currently based in a Waterloo WeWork building, with its relaxed atmosphere and social workspace it’s the perfect environment for combining creativity with productivity.


What I’ve Learned Since Starting Here

It’d be impossible to list everything I’ve learnt since starting at Resonance, but highlights include coaching on writing op-eds and blogs, learning to use media databases and writing the perfect pitch. Even if you start a career in PR believing you have a decent idea of what to expect, be prepared to be surprised – the learning opportunities are numerous and ongoing!


The Resonance Way

One of the best things about my first few weeks with Resonance is their unique and bespoke approach to PR. Everyone stays up-to-speed through strong daily communication – from one-on-one meetings, to weekly updates and of course, the morning scrum in which everyone pitches in and has something to offer (and yes, everyone from juniors to the Managing Director makes their fair share of tea!).

The beauty of working with a smaller team is that any questions are immediately addressed – an invaluable resource when you’re new to any profession. Resonance is also one of the few PR companies to offer one-to-one coaching as part of their graduate training programme, where you can chat about everything from creative ideas, to how to handle the media, to any problems you are facing in the role (personal or professional)! 


The Best Things About Working in PR: A Newbie’s View!

One thing that you can guarantee at Resonance is that there will always be variety – you can go from liaising with the media, to writing social media posts, to meeting a potential client, all in the space of half an hour! Another thing that’s been fantastic is that you’re immediately given responsibility. I was pleasantly surprised when I was pitching to national newspapers on my second day, giving me the opportunity to start building those all-important relationships with the media from the very beginning.

Starting a career in PR is a big change: you’re meeting new people, learning endless information, all the while trying to do your best in your new role. But it’s also an amazing opportunity to get a head start in the industry, ask all those questions, listen to those around you, and have fun along the way.



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