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Find out how Resonance combines the art of storytelling with innovation, behavioural science, data science and first-hand technology expertise to deliver business outcomes.


We have entered a new epoch, one defined by data and AI. As industries increasingly rely on data to differentiate themselves from competitors and drive decision making, so too does the need for clear, precise, and impactful communication increase.

Resonance ensure messages are not only heard but resonate with the right audience, making them uniquely positioned to serve businesses in this transformative age.


tom-1"The intricacies of the data-driven landscape is written into the DNA of Resonance. We are built for the data economy."

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on taking a unique and innovative approach to every project we undertake. Our team of experts combines their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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We have a deep understanding and mastery of our craft. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, allowing us to tackle any project with confidence and precision. 

We stay ahead of the curve by constantly staying updated on the latest industry trends and technologies. This enables us to provide innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Our Vision

We envision a world where businesses thrive and excel, empowered by our innovative solutions and strategic approach. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, helping them achieve their business objectives and stay ahead of the competition.



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Every brand has its challenges, we're here to help.

Our specialists are at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, staying ahead of the curve to deliver innovative solutions that drive tangible results for our clients.

With a proven track record of success, Resonance is your trusted partner for all your technical needs. 

Explore our solutions to your marketing challenges.

From AI to Cloud, Resonance proudly boasts a team of seasoned professionals with an unrivalled depth of technical expertise.

tom-1"In Tech PR we have a front row seat to the changing technology landscape. From Generative AI to Quantum, it's our job to insert our clients' voices into the narrative"

Our specialists are at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing, staying ahead of the curve to deliver innovative solutions that drive tangible results for our clients.

With a proven track record of success, Resonance is your trusted partner for all your marketing needs. 

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Resonance works with the challengers, the rebels and the innovators. Read about some of our work.


Aiven was looking to cement its open source credits, Resonance analysed terabytes of Github data to create a PR news story.


When Google and Yahoo announced upcoming changes to their email policies, Resonance leveraged the news to raise EasyDMARC's global presence.

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Data and insights have never been more crucial in a world plagued with uncertainty and complexity.

Resonance interviewed 100 analyst relations professionals and found Analyst Relations (AR) has become a central force that brings strategic, competitive edges to businesses.


Claire-1"In a world where the only constant is change, how do tech brands stay one step ahead of the market? That's where Resonance comes in"

Wavelength is our regular podcast bringing you influential voices in B2B technology from journalists to marketing leaders .

Listen to our episode where we interviewed Seb Moss of DataCenterDynamics on all things Data Centre-related

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Resonance is a B2B tech PR, AR and content marketing consultancy that helps brands grow.

Our passion and energy comes from the blurring of corporate reputation management and demand generation.

We are technology, business and communications experts made up of a team of computer scientists, journalists and marketing communication specialists.

Jess"Resonance is a group of technology, business and communications experts"

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Resonance is a proud member of the PRCA and holds its CMS accreditation. Our founding team members hold senior positions on the PRCA Council helping to share the future of the PR industry.


We're always on the look-out for great talent to join the team. If you're an exceptional Account Director, Account Manager - or a grad looking to build a career in Tech PR - then get in touch!


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Giving Your B2B Tech Solution an Identity

Giving Your B2B Tech Solution an Identity

It’s high time we acknowledge the elephant in the room in the B2B tech industry: branding. It’s not just about having a fancy logo or a catchy tagline; it’s about resonating with your audience on a deeper level.

How often have you tried to explain what you do to a relative and had them wave their hands in confusion? As marketing and communications experts, it’s our job to put these complicated solutions in terms that laypeople can understand.

So, let’s dive into the labyrinth of branding challenges and opportunities that today’s CMOs face, especially while marketing complex tech solutions.


Defining Your Brand Identity

Your brand isn’t just a name; it’s an entity with a distinct personality. This is the essence of your brand identity - the unique combination of values, ethos, and character traits that make your brand stand out amidst the noise and clutter of the tech industry.

The million-dollar question, however, remains. How do you define this brand personality – and make your solution a key part of it?

Enter the three core elements of brand personality: Vision, Voice, and Value.



Your Vision sets the stage for your brand’s journey, mapping out where you’re going and how you plan to get there. It’s the compass that navigates your brand through the turbulent waters of market shifts and consumer trends.



Next comes your Voice. This is how your brand communicates with its audience, the words you choose, the tone you use, and the underlying messages you convey.

Remember, your voice isn’t just about what you say; it’s about how you say it.

Your voice is the defiant roar that echoes through the industry corridors, the authoritative statement that challenges conventions, and the innovative dialogue that sparks conversations.



Finally, there’s Value. What does your brand bring to the table that others don’t? What unique benefit, service, or product does your brand offer that makes it the go-to solution for your target audience? Your value proposition is the cornerstone of your brand identity, the solid rock upon which your brand stands tall.

If we look at companies like Apple, we can see this thought process in motion. Apple has successfully positioned itself alongside excellence and quality. However, it’s also used its branding to align with its customers. Its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign showed audiences the quality of its cameras whilst highlighting the brand’s popularity with people. It was centred on the skills of the people using Apple products and implying that skilled photographers are using them. This boosted the brand’s perception as one centred on people and excellence.

To give your solution a unique identity, remember, it’s not about what you’ve done – it’s about what your customer gets. Sell benefits, not features. Apple didn’t sell the iPod as ‘iPod: 5GB of storage’. Steve Jobs held up the iPod and promised users 1000 songs in their pocket.


Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition

CMOs are tasked with mastering the art of creating compelling and differentiated value propositions. This is not about listing features; it’s about showcasing the unique benefits of your tech solution. The first step is to translate the complexity of your product into the language your target customers resonate with.

For example, if your solution is designed to improve productivity in the workplace, highlighting your user-friendliness within your brand messaging is a good first step. Show end-users what your product can do for them, how it will help them, and ultimately why it will be of use to them.

If your audience is busy decision-makers who don’t have time to read through beautifully crafted prose, then make sure you’re using clear and concise language that gets to the heart of what they’re looking for quickly.

The first step is understanding your customers. What are their concerns? Their priorities? The ways they want to be communicated with? From there, you can map your product and decide how best to tell its story.


Telling Your Brand Story

Storytelling can turn your B2B tech solution into a heroic problem solver that customers want to engage with. It creates an emotional connection that goes beyond features and benefits. Communicating your brand story effectively across various channels and touchpoints is the magic key here.

It’s not just telling them about your solutions. It’s taking them on a journey. It’s the history of your company, your successes, key takeaways and core messages.

What is your primary driver? Are you reinventing the status quo? Are you showing users how they can achieve their goals? Once you have this nailed down and incorporated within your branding, you can start to build your story across your assets.

Successful campaigns are consistent - anyone should be able to click on your website and know it’s your company through recognisable messaging and tone. Once you’ve created consistency, you can build trust and, from there, can showcase to any prospective clients who your company is.

People are most likely to work with people they trust - so having a good product isn’t enough. You need to be able to show prospects who you are and why they should work with you over others.


Aligning Brand Strategy with Business Goals

 As you level up from branding individual solutions into giving your business’s overall perception a makeover, success will come from making your brand strategy more than just words on paper. It should align with your business goals, driving customer acquisition, retention, and growth. A powerful brand strategy serves as the guiding star that informs every decision and defines every customer interaction.

For example, if you want to grow engagement with your blog posts, making sure that each one specifically ties to a pain point of your audience is a great first step. Not only will you be providing useful insights, but you’ll be building your brand as a helpful guide to a complicated industry.

This is particularly important for those working in the B2B tech sector, where language can be confusing and potentially alienate clients. Your branding is a way to cut through the noise and show prospects the key parts of your solution without relying on jargon or obscure terminology.


Measuring and Iterating Your Brand Strategy

In the realm of branding, data is your best friend. It helps evaluate the effectiveness of your brand strategy. Use tools and metrics to measure brand perception and make informed decisions. After all, what gets measured gets managed.

Building brand perception and understanding what is and isn’t working for your audience is crucial. Brand perception audits, for example, are great ways to understand what’s working and where you need to dedicate more attention.

It’s important to remember that your strategy should be flexible and adjustable. It should be built to grow, and tracking how it’s resonating with your audience is an integral part of this journey.


Brick by Brick: Building your Brand Image

A strong brand identity is your game-changer. It differentiates you in the crowded tech market and creates meaningful connections with your audience.

So, are you ready to take the reins, prioritise your brand strategy, and propel your B2B tech solution to success?

To learn more about developing your brand identity, check out how Sam Altman shaped OpenAI’s brand image through his widely-televised testimony to Congress.