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A few Tips on creating a successful Inbound Strategy

A successful inbound strategy requires businesses to have personalised and genuinely helpful interactions with buyers. In the era of the informed buyer, and at a time where people face […]

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Notes from a Zoom call: virtual PR training during a pandemic

COVID-19 has forced us all to adapt how we approach the fundamentals of our working life. Virtual is the new watchword of my career in 2020, as meetings, pitches for new business, and even the […]

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How to use Analyst Relations as part of your ABM strategy

ABM is a B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market. It employs personalised campaigns designed to speak to the […]

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Why Buyer Personas are important to successful inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a methodology that is designed to draw potential customers in by propagating a human and empathetic vision of marketing. By creating valuable content, services and […]

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How to Use Inbound Marketing to Source Leads when Options are Limited

This year, sales and marketing teams across the globe must begin to embrace change as the pandemic impacts their ability to source quality leads.  

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A Few Words From Our New Starters: Sean & Maya

July was a busy month here at Resonance and with it brought two new starters – Sean and Maya. Sean previously spent 18 months working in music PR, whilst Maya recently completed a master’s at […]

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In the modern day, where information is plentiful and only a Google search away, the simple task of making a purchase has become quite troublesome. The average person will spend hours researching […]

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How PR and AR help reduce customer churn

Research of 100 IT decision makers highlights what customers want from PR and AR

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Data in Marketing: Advertising and the Beginnings of Digital Marketing

Data in Marketing Series: I was at a client office a year or two ago as one of the sales team was recounting a recent prospect meeting. In his enthusiastic salesmanship of their product, a […]

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The Rise of Inbound Marketing in an Increasingly Data Centric World

Data is everywhere, and each of us is a goldmine of it just waiting to be harnessed. Whether it’s Instagram, ASOS or even the GPS on your phone, your data is being collected all the time – and […]

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